Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me, Her and You?

Maybe its because it's me
That you act so differently
But with her
You are who you want to be
You are yourself.
You can't be like that with me
Just with her
Because her is so special
And me is not who you were looking for
But you hurt me
Everyday you don't just say you want her
And not me
That you give me those special hugs
That beautiful smile
That me thought just for me
But me was wrong
Or so me thought.
One day her and you were laughing
But your smile was not the one you give me
Then your pretty eyes drift to me
And her is not the on you wanted.
After all,
It was me all along.

Because you love me,
Not her.

They just keep trying.

I used to always try to please them
Make them happy
Eager for their praise
But then i saw them clearly
I heard clearly as they tried to change me
How they'd do all they can
To make me into someone they wanted
But I didn't let them.
I lost all the respect
And every time they say those words
My mind just shuts off
and I'm alone
Like I'm used to
What they say
What pleases them
Means nothing to me