Monday, January 18, 2010

So now,

So its been a while,
But you've kept me on file,
I can always forgive you,
One of the very few,
Things are different,
All those weeks you were absent,
but then its like nothing happened,
my heart has lightened,
I just wanted my friend,
I don't want to pretend,
I miss your hugs,
A thing that cant be solved with drugs,
You'll always be in my heart
Even when we are far apart.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's new,

Things may not always go my way,
Some of my mistakes just don't go away,
But I have to learn to live with it,
It's what girls do; they fret,
However, you add onto my stress,
With your wittiness,
I know what I'm saying,
My decisions always swaying,
When it comes to you,
Everything sees so new,
You have no idea how much I love you,
And how I hope you love me, too,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Never again.

I see how you are,
Even through,
Your cute face
And your sweet words.
Mask what you’re really after.
You’re just like every other guy,
String a girl along,
Make her fall for you,
And when you’re done
You let her fall.
But I’m not falling for that
No sir,
I see right through you.
I know the game
Because that’s all it is
To you,
All guys like you.
It’s nothing but a past time
A way to go along
Act like someone you’re not
And be someone you shouldn’t

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's almost over.

We’re almost done
The school year is almost gone
Almost time for high school
People trying to be cool
Acting like the people they’re not
Trying to be in the main spot
High school is a new beginning
New things start happening
When we come back from summer
Some people moved, what a bummer
People look so different
You look twice on instinct
Feeling like you friend has left
And all you’re left to do is fret
But you make new friends
Maybe make some amends
Eighth grade is over in a week
Not time to freak
Its time to have fun
Playing around in the sun
Summer is almost here
Your friends may not be near
Its time to be free
Let yourself BE
Because when autumn comes
So do all its problems..

For him.

Tears run down my face,
As I leave you in your place.
I had to get away from you,
Because you don’t feel the same as I do.
Time to run away.
You’ll see, I just might sway…

I have had you in my life
For a time that doesn’t suffice
But I already lost you
Because I like you like I do
I don’t want you out
But leave if you have to.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I don't belong here!

I don’t like it here
So many things that I fear
I feel like I’m in a trap
Stuck here, in this mishap
Its my mothers fault
That I am practically caged in a vault
I hate being controlled
Its only a matter of time until I unfold
And say all that I want to
Do what I wish to do
My life is pretty fucked
Everything so far has really sucked
I used to be out really late
I like never ate
I drank some booze
Never got even a little snooze
I cut my wrist a lot
My anger is just too hot
Scary thoughts crowd my mind
Against the wall which I hide behind
As I sit in the bathroom
My only place to properly fume
Or cry
Allowing my eyes to fry
They sting when I come out
And act like there is no doubt
That I will ever go back to how I was before
When I didn’t randomly collapse on the floor
The need to get away so strong
Its all just so wrong.

You're never alone, Kayla Sims.

When you think that you are alone
Just pick up your phone
I will always be there
When you just cant see where
You want to go in life.
I hope you soon see
That you how you are will suffice,
You are great
A god’s perfect creation
People may show their never ending appreciation.
We all have out sad moments
Say some stupid comments
How you are not worth it
However you cant always believe it
Its okay to be sad
As long as you are sometimes glad
You have to forget
Some of those many regrets
Live life as it comes
Not how it goes
You can trust me
You will always be
In my heart
And there you will stay
I hope you understand
That it is okay to not be able to stand
We just need to break down
And fall to the ground
I will try to be there for you
When you need me to…