Friday, March 27, 2009


She's finally over him
She doesn't like him
She has stopped caring
She saw how bad he was for her
What he did
What he caused
All that pain,
And sadness
All over someone who didn't deserve it
And maybe never will
She once thought she could
Forgive and forget
That they'd get back together
But now after all those things he said
She see's how wrong she was
Now that she see's
She happier and full of positive thoughts
She see this other guy
Who she met through pure coincidence
She thinks he's so cute
And she finally see's just how rights things can be..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You don't believe me?

A person's view can change
By one simple thing
One person new coming into your life
A person who can make you see
Through the haze surrounding thee
A person who doesn't leave your thoughts
And makes you forget
Just how hurt you could be
Now if you don't belive me
You haven't noticed how good
One person could do
Just by existing
Just by being who he is.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Could it really be?

She shivered again
As she stared at her computer screen
Just wondering
How her friend thought
Up that poem
She loved it
It was beautiful
But she couldn’t think
That she wrote it
Just by
Looking at the picture at the top
Of the poem
She wondered if it
Was about her
About what she went
With that boy
Who hurt her
And firmly held
The key to her
Delicate heart
Who she couldn’t stop
Thinking about
Couldn’t stop
Caring about
No matter
How much he broke her
The poem says he
Didn’t deserve her
That she deserved better
But how would she
Know that
If her friend just couldn’t
Step in
And show her
What was so obvious…..

Acting is easy.

They broke up only days ago
After more than 3 weeks
Though they didn’t know anything about each other
She still really liked him
And it hurt when he broke it off
Just like that
And over the phone.

She told everyone she didn’t care
That it was nothing
And she was fine
But of course
She was lying
Even if he was just a boy
He was her boyfriend
And she really liked him
And hoped it would work
And maybe she got her hopes up way too high
And she was just sitting there
Waiting for him to break her heart
But she still cared
And hurt
And cried
All alone
In her dark room

But the next day at school
She acted as if nothing
Was wrong
Maybe she had enough experience
To make it convincing
No one questioned her
No one said anything

But when she noticed his glances
Whenever he could sneak one in
Or just openly stared
Burning a hole right through her
Leaving it burning and aching
She told all her friends
And they said he still liked her
She wondered if that was
Really the case
Why did he break her?
And make her never want to
Trust another guy again?

They all say he still likes her
That maybe he’s falling in love
But she refuses to believe it
Because if
By any chance in the world
They are right
It wouldn’t matter
It would hurt that
Much more.
She can’t trust him anymore….

Friday, March 13, 2009

Some shorter Poems and Quotes


Maybe you need to be more open
Maybe you could try to understand
Maybe you shouldn't judge
Maybe you have the same problems
Maybe you could be nice.

Out of Hope
and Lost
just so
desperate to


My hands are always cold
so freezing in the wind
needing for someone to hold
if only I could let them in.


I'm always cold
So freezing
My fingers are numb
No feeling
I shiver
And shake
All the time
Making me think
'Wow, I've lost my mind.'


Maybe you shouldn't try
So hard
To be someone you're not
Maybe it's still too hard
But honey you
Must learn
When you least expect it
It will all come
Crashing down
And you will have
No one
But yourself to
Get used to.

You make many mistakes
In life
And life is always difficult
A problem to always
Worry about
One that is yet to be sloved
Dont give up
And wish to end it all
When your finally happy
It will....

  • When you place trust in others hands, make sure they know what to do with it
  • Leaving something unsaid, is perhaps the best way to say it
  • Boys are like purses, cute, full of crap and always replacable
  • Children in front seats can lead to accidents; accidents in backseats can lead to children.
  • Every door isn't heavy
  • I love him and THATS whats killing me
  • If you give up, you wont know where you could have been.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm no mind reader.

Why do you always
Hurt me with
Your words
Hurting those you love
You say you care
You really worry
But how should
I know this.
When all you do
Is hurt me
With your
Clever poetic

Sometimes its a must.

They always were
And watching movies
Talking about boys
And crushes
And sometimes
Even school in passing
They knew each others
All their friends
They told each other
They had no
On Fridays
They always
Went to the mall
And shopped
Tried on clothes
Just for fun
Friends came along
Got to know each other
But they were
Always together
The closest of
Them all
Like sisters.
They had the same
Brown hair
Different cuts
And styles
They wore the same
Size jeans
Always borrowing
And going through
The others closets
They liked the same
The same subject
But liked different people.

And as the years
Went on and on
They separated
More and more
Didn’t hang out
Every Friday
Never had sleepovers
Barely talked on the phone
Sat with different people
At lunch
They saw each other
And just smiled.
No wave.
No hug.
No excitement
Like there used to be.
They grew apart
Its natural
Not uncommon
But it hurt
Some years later
And both wondered
Hot exactly it happened…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lets pick who we are, today.

Show the world
Just who you are
Let it show
Let it be
Show us all
Just how powerful
You can be

Why hide it?
Are you pretending?
I think not.
You are too unselfish
You are unique
How you act
How you think

You help him
You help her
That child in the park
Left alone
And forgotten

You helped me
When I wasn’t
Who I was supposed to be
You helped me
With all you could be.

Am I really that alone?

She has so many
That no one
Is willing to answer.

Why did he break
Up with her?
Did he ever like her?
Does he still?
Why does he stare?
Or steal those small glances
That he thinks
She doesn’t see?
Why does he break her
Killing her inside?

They say he still likes her
But she doesn’t know
What to believe
She still likes him
She still cares
She still hurts
And break slowly
Under his gaze
His never ending stare.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I have nothing to say.

It was always the same now a days
Sitting beside each other
Thinking how it used to be
Holding hands
Side by side
Laughing and talking
Happy to be with each other
But now
All for a lie
That everyone heard
They lost their trust
And broke away
Broke each other’s hearts.

When they fought
That sad fateful day
They forgot what they had
Only moments ago
Because they didn’t know what to believe
What to do
So they stopped
They yelled and argued
Accusing and disappointed.

So now here she sits
And cries
Because of all the lost memories
And what they used to have
While he didn’t know
What to do or say
But secretly he missed those days too
That didn’t matter now
For they lost their trust
In each other….

While she cried
And lamented
Missing those old days
He rubbed his face once
Looked longingly at her

Once more
Her beautiful tear-streaked face
And walked away.

She saw and understood
He saw she was hurt
And perhaps he may have cared
But that’s gone now.

After all,
They have nothing to say to one another