Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sometimes its a must.

They always were
And watching movies
Talking about boys
And crushes
And sometimes
Even school in passing
They knew each others
All their friends
They told each other
They had no
On Fridays
They always
Went to the mall
And shopped
Tried on clothes
Just for fun
Friends came along
Got to know each other
But they were
Always together
The closest of
Them all
Like sisters.
They had the same
Brown hair
Different cuts
And styles
They wore the same
Size jeans
Always borrowing
And going through
The others closets
They liked the same
The same subject
But liked different people.

And as the years
Went on and on
They separated
More and more
Didn’t hang out
Every Friday
Never had sleepovers
Barely talked on the phone
Sat with different people
At lunch
They saw each other
And just smiled.
No wave.
No hug.
No excitement
Like there used to be.
They grew apart
Its natural
Not uncommon
But it hurt
Some years later
And both wondered
Hot exactly it happened…

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