Saturday, March 14, 2009

Acting is easy.

They broke up only days ago
After more than 3 weeks
Though they didn’t know anything about each other
She still really liked him
And it hurt when he broke it off
Just like that
And over the phone.

She told everyone she didn’t care
That it was nothing
And she was fine
But of course
She was lying
Even if he was just a boy
He was her boyfriend
And she really liked him
And hoped it would work
And maybe she got her hopes up way too high
And she was just sitting there
Waiting for him to break her heart
But she still cared
And hurt
And cried
All alone
In her dark room

But the next day at school
She acted as if nothing
Was wrong
Maybe she had enough experience
To make it convincing
No one questioned her
No one said anything

But when she noticed his glances
Whenever he could sneak one in
Or just openly stared
Burning a hole right through her
Leaving it burning and aching
She told all her friends
And they said he still liked her
She wondered if that was
Really the case
Why did he break her?
And make her never want to
Trust another guy again?

They all say he still likes her
That maybe he’s falling in love
But she refuses to believe it
Because if
By any chance in the world
They are right
It wouldn’t matter
It would hurt that
Much more.
She can’t trust him anymore….

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