Monday, March 9, 2009

I have nothing to say.

It was always the same now a days
Sitting beside each other
Thinking how it used to be
Holding hands
Side by side
Laughing and talking
Happy to be with each other
But now
All for a lie
That everyone heard
They lost their trust
And broke away
Broke each other’s hearts.

When they fought
That sad fateful day
They forgot what they had
Only moments ago
Because they didn’t know what to believe
What to do
So they stopped
They yelled and argued
Accusing and disappointed.

So now here she sits
And cries
Because of all the lost memories
And what they used to have
While he didn’t know
What to do or say
But secretly he missed those days too
That didn’t matter now
For they lost their trust
In each other….

While she cried
And lamented
Missing those old days
He rubbed his face once
Looked longingly at her

Once more
Her beautiful tear-streaked face
And walked away.

She saw and understood
He saw she was hurt
And perhaps he may have cared
But that’s gone now.

After all,
They have nothing to say to one another

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