Monday, June 22, 2009

You're never alone, Kayla Sims.

When you think that you are alone
Just pick up your phone
I will always be there
When you just cant see where
You want to go in life.
I hope you soon see
That you how you are will suffice,
You are great
A god’s perfect creation
People may show their never ending appreciation.
We all have out sad moments
Say some stupid comments
How you are not worth it
However you cant always believe it
Its okay to be sad
As long as you are sometimes glad
You have to forget
Some of those many regrets
Live life as it comes
Not how it goes
You can trust me
You will always be
In my heart
And there you will stay
I hope you understand
That it is okay to not be able to stand
We just need to break down
And fall to the ground
I will try to be there for you
When you need me to…

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