Monday, June 22, 2009

I don't belong here!

I don’t like it here
So many things that I fear
I feel like I’m in a trap
Stuck here, in this mishap
Its my mothers fault
That I am practically caged in a vault
I hate being controlled
Its only a matter of time until I unfold
And say all that I want to
Do what I wish to do
My life is pretty fucked
Everything so far has really sucked
I used to be out really late
I like never ate
I drank some booze
Never got even a little snooze
I cut my wrist a lot
My anger is just too hot
Scary thoughts crowd my mind
Against the wall which I hide behind
As I sit in the bathroom
My only place to properly fume
Or cry
Allowing my eyes to fry
They sting when I come out
And act like there is no doubt
That I will ever go back to how I was before
When I didn’t randomly collapse on the floor
The need to get away so strong
Its all just so wrong.

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